About StraitLeap, Inc.
is a New York-based marketing
services company that partners with community-based
organizations in
New York City and Atlanta, Georgia. Our primary
goal is to help businesses and communities build healthier lifestyle brands.

At StraitLeap, we establish a relationship with our clients that
go beyond providing a better customer experience and excellent customer service;
we invest in our client's success. This experience helps clients implement marketing solutions that align with their communities and business goals.

Our clients range from established small businesses to
start-up companies primarily in the healthcare and wellness industries including:

      • Long-term care facilities
      • Community health organizations
      • Holistic and wellness centers
      • and other health-related businesses.
Senior Community

Do you service the senior population?

We support long-term care programs, senior housing, and senior health promotions.

Community Center - Teacher and Children

Are you a counselor looking to expand your community initiative?

We support community services, health empowerment initiatives and fitness programs.

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Community Garden

Are you challenged with getting the community to support your programs?

We provide communication strategies for urban community gardens and volunteer services.


Looking for effective marketing solutions

Small Businesses, Community Organizations, Non-Profits, Associations, Start-Ups & Volunteer Services

Specialized in
Health & Wellness
Doctor's Office
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Strategies & Tactics
Living for a Cause

Digital & Social Marketing  

Market & Business Development 

Marketing Communications 

Performance Improvements 

Research & Marketing Analytics 

Healthy-eating Woman Our Value
We support nutritional, physical and wellness programs that support seniors and the elderly Build Brand Awareness
Improve Customer Retention
Develop Better Networks

Generate Better Leads & Referrals

RDC Home Services Training, Inc., nonprofit located in Raleigh, NC provides educational and entrepreneurial support services to unemployed and under-employed individuals interested in home repair, maintenance and remodeling. The organization has partnered with the family of Cecelatha I. Dixon to launch a crowdrise scholarship campaign.          

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Salt & Pepper
Member of World Central Kitchen's Chef Network

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